Raastha is a not-for-profit voluntary organization currently at its stage of establishment with a great aim to provide hands-on assistance and guidance for achieving excellence in higher education, research and professional performance.  The current era witnesses a booming trend of higher education institutions and scientific research, and a highly competitive professional environment. However the following facts are worth noting:

  • Most of the higher education institutions (HEIs) both in public and private sectors need adequate guidance and training to equip themselves to meet the national and international quality standards.
  • Research excellence has become a necessity rather than a mere symbol of prestigeMany HEIs have started investing on research infrastructure and hence looking for research-oriented faculty. Also, the academic community has realized that it cannot survive in the current competitive environment without the research and publishing skills being utilized or developed. This situation calls for effective guidance and training for the researchers and institutions with a view to orient them towards enhancing their research productivity, documenting the research output and most importantly, ensuring maximum global visibility of their research contributions by publishing in the right platform.
  • The rate of increase of academic institutions is far higher than that of job opportunities, which results in highly rigorous and competitive recruitment processes with large rates of rejection. Unfortunately the academic environment often fails in imparting the skills that are adequate enough for graduates to cope up with the aforementioned competitive situation. Furthermore the existing gap between the bookish knowledge and the real world is getting widened day by day.